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Address: 137 Blackburn Road Blackburn Victoria 3130

Taralye’s staff are dedicated to providing the very best services to hearing impaired children and their families

Taralye has a transdisciplinary staff team, including audiologists, early childhood educators, inclusion aides, librarians, psychologists, social workers, speech pathologists, teachers of the deaf and medical consultants – Ear, Nose and Throat.

Our management team is dedicated to driving innovation and achievement by working with their teams to deliver the very best services to families.

Chief Executive Officer: Therese Kelly
Chief Financial Officer: Noel Cousins
Manager, Early Intervention: Helen Harrington-Johnston
Director, Kindergarten and Early Learning Program: Deborah Exton
Director, Audiology and Otology Services: Judy Rogers
Director, Fundraising and Community Relations: James Worladge

Therese Kelly - Chief Executive Officer

Qualifications: BSc (Hons) DipAud, MAud SA (CCP), AAICD 

Therese has worked within the deafness field since graduating from university and was appointed CEO of Taralye in 2004.  Her professional career includes positions within a variety of public and government organisations including metropolitan and rural hospitals, The University of Melbourne, Northern Territory Health, the National Acoustic Laboratories and the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.  Therese is a Fellow of the CEO Institute, and holds memberships of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, the Audiological Society of Australia and Early Childhood Intervention Association (Victoria). Therese is a former school Board member, Chair of First Voice and is currently a member of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) early childhood intervention services reference group in the NDIS Barwon launch site in Victoria.

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Noel Cousins - Chief Financial Officer

Qualifications: BBus MBus

Noel commenced his role at Taralye in 1996 following a managerial business role in the Specialist Surgery Clinical Business Unit at The Royal Melbourne Hospital.  He saw the prospect of joining Taralye as an opportunity to be part of a highly experienced and committed team of professionals who are making an enormous difference in the lives of children with a hearing loss and their families.

Noel's working life has covered a number of rewarding and diverse roles spanning government, music and entertainment, professional private practice, public health and more recently disability.  In 1999, he was fortunate to be involved in developing an important partnership between Taralye and The Royal Victorian Eye and Eye Hospital through the establishment of a spoke service of the hospital at Blackburn.  This initiative provides significant benefits for children with a hearing loss. He has also been fortunate to be part of a team at Taralye involved in the ongoing development of a range of high calibre services for children with a hearing loss and their families, and strives to keep Taralye financially viable, relevant  and a continuing centre of excellence and support for all deaf children.

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Helen Harrington-Johnston - Manager, Early Intervention

Qualifications: BA (Sp.Th. and Audiology) 

Taralye was pleased to welcome Helen Harrington-Johnson as the Manager, Early Intervention in January 2015. Helen is an experienced speech pathologist, audiologist and accredited ELKLAN trainer. Prior to Taralye Helen worked at the Victorian Deaf Education Institute within the Department of Education and Training.

She has wide clinical experience in the paediatric fields of deafness, multiple disability and autism within early intervention and with school age children.  Helen has worked in Zimbabwe, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, within hospital teams (Child Development Team, and ASD Diagnosis team) early intervention (team leader), and schools. 

Helen is looking forward to working with the highly skilled team at Taralye who have a passion and love for helping children achieve their full potential. She is committed to continuing the culture of high performance in the team and to working to develop continued great outcomes for children in this service.

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Deborah Exton – Director, Kindergarten and Early Learning Program

Qualifications: Diploma in Teaching Early Childhood Development (IECD)

Spending a day at Taralye as a prerequisite to going to university set a goal for Deborah to work with hearing impaired children. She was thrilled to be asked years later to apply for a position as a kindergarten teacher at Taralye and delighted when she was offered the position. Deborah has now been with Taralye since 2005 and has worked as the Director since 2009.

With over 30 years experience in the early childhood field, Deborah has worked at Tarralla Kindergarten in East Ringwood, Terrara Preschool in Vermont South and Templeton Orchards Pre School in Wantirna South.

Deborah's main aim at Taralye is to have all children and families develop a sense of belonging to our community and develop all children to feel confident and empowered ready for their next stage in life. In order for this to be achieved she feels that it is invaluable for the kindergarten team and the early intervention team to work closely with one another.

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Judy Rogers – Director, Audiology and Otology Services

Qualifications: BA, DipAud, MAudSA, CCP

Judy qualified from University of Melbourne as an audiologist in 1976 and worked in the audiology clinic at RCH as a paediatric audiologist full-time until 1981 and then part time until 1983. She was then employed by the Victorian Health Department, which ran the audiology clinic at Taralye until 1997 when funding was withdrawn and the clinic closed. Judy was then employed by Taralye to work in the clinic later that year.

In 1998, she introduced and coordinated Taralye’s Outreach Hearing Program that provided hearing tests in kindergartens and child care centres. She has also provided clinical supervision for Melbourne University’s audiology students and community education on the need for early diagnosis of hearing loss.

In 2005, Judy was appointed Director, Audiology and Otology Services and hopes to continue contributing to Taralye’s mission by promoting and achieving early diagnosis of hearing loss and thus contributing to our reputation as a leading early intervention service.

James Worladge – Director, Fundraising and Community Relations

Qualifications: BBus (HR/IRM)

James is delighted to start work at Taralye January 2017 following Philanthropic roles with The Australian Ballet and Monash University over his ten year career.

James has fond memories of Taralye's services when they supported his son with his hearing problem and diagnosis. Passionate and driven to ensure that Taralye can help as many children as possible, James works to develop long term and meaningful relationships with community, philanthropic or corporate supporters.

If you would like to discuss how you or your organisation can support Taralye please contact James Worladge, email or phone 03 9875 6616.

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